Support Tandem Cycling

Thanks for considering a donation to Exsight Tandems. Exsight exists to help those who can't ride a bike on their own get out and enjoy cycling on tandem bicycles.

Donate here to support tandem cycling

While most back-riders (called Stokers) are blind or vision impaired, we have members with a number of issues that make tandems the best cycling option for them.

All riders are volunteers, so our main expenses are insurance and maintainance, which runs to around $9000 per year. We only exist with the generous support of donations, such as yours, and support from our communities in Wollongong and Armidale.

We are based in Wollongong, NSW and operate throughout the Illawarra and Sydney regions. In addition we have a branch located in Armidale, NSW. You can find our more about Exsight and Tandem Armidale on their respective websites.

Exsight Tandems Illawarra Inc. is an incorporated association, and has chairtable and tax deductible status from the Australian Taxation Office, so donations are tax deductible.

You can make a donation via Direct Deposit/EFT, PayPal (credit card or PayPal account) or Credit Card. You can also choose how to share your donation between our branches. Our default suggestion is 70/30 to the Illawarra, as it's a larger group, however you may choose to change that by changing the figures on the form, or adjusting the slider.